Judicial Video Network

There is Judicial Video Network (JVN) equipment available to use at the Courthouse.  Some refer to it as “Vision Net”.

The Montana JVN was created in 2000 as a pilot to explore alternative methods for conducting judicial proceedings.  Today, the network links over 50 county courthouses to local, state and private video facilities and is used for a wide variety of purposes.  It is fully funded by the Montana State Legislature and Administered by the Montana Supreme Court, Office of the Court Administrator.

If you can’t attend a meeting in person, maybe JVN/Vision Net is an option for you?  You would need to find out if the facility where the meeting is held, has Vision Net and if it does, get their IP address.  A new feature to the JVN is the “virtual meeting room”, which basically bridges several different sites into one meeting room.   It can join 12 sites together.

The equipment is in the Courtroom.  Contact the Clerk of District Court office to schedule usage.  The cost for personal use or anything outside the Courts can range from $50 and up (depending on what other sites charge) per hour, per site; one hour minimum charge per site.  If you have questions, call the Clerk’s office at 406-436-2320.