Recycling Center

Everyone can help out by recycling!
Please take the time, however, to sort your items into the proper bins at the Recycling Center!


Broadus Recycling Center

Plastic Milk and Water Jugs - Remove lids and rinse
Plastic Pop Bottles and Drink Containers - Remove Lids and rinse
Tin Cans - Rinsed
Office paper, newspapers, small catalogs, & magazines - Sort paper products into appropriate boxes.
Telephone books - Put on shelf at Recycling Center 
Aluminum Cans - Put in bin in the Old Fairbarn by Recycling Center
Car batteries - Place on south side of Recycling Center
Swap Items - Put in Exchange Area of Recycling Center.
Styrofoam Egg Cartons - Put on shelf at Recycling Center
Packing Peanuts - Leave in boxes or bags at Recycling Center
Feed Sacks without waxy finish - Put in baler with cardboard at the IGA.




Broadus IGA
Cardboard Boxes



Ashley Hubler, Director




Powder River Extension Office
Batteries - Regular & Rechargeable
Ink Jet Cartridges
Cell Phones
Fluorescent (Twisty) Light Bulbs