Public Notices


Powder River County has board vacancies that will term out as of December 31, 2020. Interested parties may contact the Clerk and Recorders office or the Commissioner’s office by December 31, 2020

For current board members that their term is up but would like to continue public service please contact the offices as well. Per Montana Law the commission is required to wait 30 days to appoint the vacancy.

The board will meet on January 11, 2021 to appoint new board members.

The following Board Positions are Open:

Airport Board  - 1 position- 5 year term
Cemetery Board -  1 position – 3 year term
District Weed Board – 2 positions – 3 year term
Planning Board – 3 positions – 2 year term
Predator Control Board – 2 positions – 3 year term
Social Service Board – 2 position – 3 year term
Tax Appeal Board – 1 position – 3 year term
Willow Crossing Cemetery Board – 2 position – 3 year term
TV/Landfill Board – 2 position -  3 year term

Clerk & Recorder               436-2361
Commissioners                 436-2657

Due to the current remodel at the Sheriff Office, the scheduling book and keys for the MP Building, Indoor Arena, and Community Center are located in the Clerk & Recorders Office.
Please call 436-2361 to schedule your event.
We know this is a change and Powder River County Commissioners want to make this as easy to the public as possible.

Intent of Temporary Road Closure for Maintenance

Powder River County Road Department is working together with the Forest Service on the 15 Mile Road re-graveling project.   We will be closing the road periodically for the next few months starting September 28, 2020. Closures will be from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm Monday-Thursday.   Road will be open to local traffic only.  Contact Road Supervisor, Teel Mullanix, 436-2248 or Ron Hecker at Forest Service for more information.   

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