Public Notices

 Update to the Powder River County Growth Policy

The Powder River County Planning Board is working on an update to the 2012 County Growth Policy.  The Growth Policy is the County’s guide to improving services, updating infrastructure, such as roads and bridges, and encouraging new businesses and economic development.  The process will include an evaluation of existing conditions in the county, identifying trends, and providing goals and specific projects that can help improve issues related to economic development, local services, infrastructure, housing, natural resources, and other opportunities or issues identified by county residents. 

To efficiently gather input from county residents, the Planning Board has put together a survey that the County Commission is asking residents to complete.  The survey can be accessed below and on the Powder River Chamber of Commerce website or Facebook page.  Hard copies of the survey can be picked up at the County Courthouse, GardnerBilling CPA, Copps Hardware, and Broadus Insurance.  Surveys need to be completed or returned by March 1st, 2019

Jerry Grebenc, a community planner from Great West Engineering, is assisting the Planning Board with the update of the Growth Policy.  If you have any questions or comments regarding the update process, you can contact Jerry by phone (406-495-6153) or email, jgrebenc@greatwesteng.com

Click here to take the survey.


Powder River County has board vacancies that have termed out as of January 1, 2019.

Interested parties may contact the Clerk and Recorders office or the Commissioners office by February 8, 2019.

For current board members that their term is up but would like to continue public service please contact the offices as well. Per Montana Law the commission is required to wait 30 days to appoint the vacancy.

The board will meet on February 11, 2019 to finalize the boards.

The following Board Positions are Open:

Airport Board - 1 position- 5 year term

Arena & MP Board – 1 position – 5 year term

Cemetery Board -1 position – 3 year term

Compensation Board – 1 position – 3 year term

District Weed Board – 1 position – 3 year term

Library Board – 1 position – 5 year term

Predator Control Board – 2 positions – 3 year term

Swimming Pool Board – 1 position – 3 year term

Social Service Board – 2 position – 3 year term

Tax Appeal Board – 1 position – 3 year term

TV Board – 1 position – 3 year term

Willow Crossing Cemetery Board – 1 position – 3 year term

Clerk & Recorder 436-2361

Commissioners 436-2657

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, pursuant to M.C.A., Sec. 7-1-2121, that Powder River County shall conduct a public hearing on February 19, 2019 at 1:30 p.m. in the Powder River County Courthouse Election Room, to discuss the proposed rate increase for the daily rate charge at the Powder River Manor, pursuant to M.C.A., Sec. 7-6-4013;  

For further information, contact the Board of County Commissioners, PO Box 200, Broadus, Montana 59317; Phone 406-436-2657 or the Clerk and Recorder at 406-436-2361.


The Powder River County Commission is soliciting proposals to hire a firm to provide general road and bridge engineering, land use planning, and/or grant administration services for various designated and undesignated public works projects within the Powder River County jurisdictional area.The County will utilize the selected firm to serve as an on-call County Engineer for a period of up to six years for all professional engineering, land use planning, and/or grant administration related activities associated with but not limited to roads, bridges, culverts, permitting, miscellaneous public works projects, growth policy updates, capital improvement plan updates, etc.Desired services may include the following: preliminary engineering, final design, surveying, construction administration, inspection work, land use planning, grant writing and/or grant administration.The agreement and payment terms will be negotiated with the selected offeror.

Section 3 of the Housing and Urban Development Act of 1968 requires recipients of CDBG funding, to the greatest extent feasible, extend to lower-income residents opportunities for training and employment that may arise projects.Further, to the fullest extent feasible, the consultants and contractors selected to design, and manage the construction public facilities projects will utilize businesses located in or substantially owned by residents of Powder River County.

Copies of the detailed request for proposals (RFQ), including a description of the services to be provided by respondents, the minimum content of responses, and the factors to be used to evaluate the responses can be obtained by contacting the Powder River County Clerk & Recorder, at (406) 436-2361, or P.O. Box 200, Broadus, MT 59317. All responses must be received by 5:00 p.m. on March 8, 2019, in the Powder River County Clerk & Recorder’s Office and a detailed Request For Qualifications can be downloaded by clicking here