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Election Information

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Broadus West
Broadus East
Biddle West
Biddle East



Notice is hereby given that regular registration for the General Election to be held on Nov. 8, 2022, will close at 5:00 P.M. on Tuesday, October 11, 2022.

If you miss this regular registration deadline, you may still register for the election by coming to the county election office in the courthouse and register to vote, up to and including on Election Day. Between noon and the close of business on the day before Election Day, you can complete and submit a voter registration card, but you will need to return to the local election office on Election Day to pick up and vote a ballot.

All active and inactive electors of Powder River County, Montana, are entitled to vote at said election.

Inactive electors may reactivate by appearing at the polling place in order to vote, by requesting an absentee ballot in any election, or by notifying the County Election Administrator in writing of the elector’s current address in the county.

Persons who wish to register and who are not presently registered may do so by requesting a form for registration by mail or by appearing before the County Election Administrator.

If you have moved, it is necessary to have your registration transferred to your present address.

A public test of Powder River County Express Votes will be conducted on October 20, 2022, at 3:00 PM. This test is open to the public to examine and certify the voting system as per Sec. 13-17-212(1), MCA


Notice is hereby given that voting in the November 8, 2022, General Election will be held at the following polling places:

Precinct No.
& Name                   Polling Place                   Hours                         Handicap Accessible

3 Coalwood              Coalwood School            Noon - 8 PM                Accessible

4 Stacey                  Stacey Hall                    Noon - 8 PM                Technically inaccessible

5 Ashland                TRECO Building              Noon - 8 PM                Accessible

8 Biddle West           Biddle Heritage Ctr        Noon – 8 PM                Technically inaccessible

9 Biddle East            Biddle Heritage Ctr        Noon - 8 PM                 Technically inaccessible

11 Broadus East       Courthouse Lobby          7 AM - 8 PM                 Accessible

12 Broadus West      Courthouse Elec Rm       7 AM - 8 PM                 Accessible

Cynde Jo Gatlin
Election Administrator